Tresa Eyres

    Tresa is one of those rare individuals among my professional colleagues. She has both a strategic perspective and ability to understand the big-picture, critical business issues, as well as the sharp skills needed to attend to details.
    Patricia Sakai, Leader of Strategic Talent Development
    I can’t say enough about Tresa. She is incredibly helpful, works beyond the call of duty and does it all with grace and tact. She guided us through some sticky problems and made the solutions seem like a cake walk.
    Vanessa Stimac, Financial Planner
    I’ve worked with Tresa for more than 10 years. Her intelligence and creativity became increasingly valuable to our program as it was apparent that she was passionate and committed to our work. You can’t ask for a more committed person to work with in any capacity. She is tireless and energetic in whatever she takes on and stays with it.
    Marjorie Weingrow, Career Strategist, Author, Professional Development Professional
    Tresa’s interviewing style is amazingly effective and her extensive background is impressive. Above all, she embodies empathy and positive energy. I count her as a treasure.
    Wendy Willow Wark, Workplace Diversity Educator
    As a committed and talented board member of the UC Berkeley SAGE Scholars program, Tresa provided strategic leadership and direct service to students. In her seven years of service, she helped envision and create the program’s growth. She has also provided top-notch coaching and facilitation to enhance student learning.
    Lilly Omid, Director of Development, Annual Fund at UC Berkeley College of Engineering
    Tresa and I landed on the same team of consultants at Taproot Foundation, and I was fortunate to have Tresa as a Project Manager on two projects. I will always appreciate working with Tresa because she is so unbelievably organized and efficient. Her quiet leadership (ability to step back to give the team the opportunity to find the answer, even if she already knows it) was just what we needed to grow as a team.
    Angela Dravland, Human Resources Executive